Just Friends//Dan Howell x Reader

Just Friends//Dan Howell x Reader

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"There's no need to be worried about meeting Youtubers, you're a Youtuber for gods sake! You know that you shouldn't feel nervous meeting people because they're famous. You made a video on it! And you should not be nervous if you've technically already met them and are going to collab with them!"

Awkward, a fangirly mess, and not-so-ready for the world, you decide to do what you had always been afraid of. Meet your senpais. You know, and make collabs with them.

Crappy description, but who can write a good description? You know, aside from people who are good writers.

First couple chapters are shitty, but it gets better as you read. 

I also have no self confidence so expect a lot of 'sorry this was so bad'. Not attention seeking, just not enough self confidence.


Now read.

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Hit and Run
                              Cause the song and this situation and...
                              I will go now
We need more people in the phandom like that smh
                              2012 is gunna happen again. Let's face it.
Don’t even mention or speak about 2012. ( I had to research a little about it because I joined the Phandom in 2014) AND WE DONT SPEAK OF *THAT* VIDEO. EVER.
I would be very early, I hate being late, like literally I freaked out one times when I was late to my 1st period X3
"Oh god I'm sorry phil excuse me for one second" barges past Phil into the hallway and has an existential crisis
This is a dream within a dream within a dream and basically if they would subscribe to someone and that would be me,basically I wil pray at sister Dan for this happy event