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Just Friends//Dan Howell x Reader

Just Friends//Dan Howell x Reader

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🎉Emily🎉 By emilyisfriendly Updated 6 days ago

"There's no need to be worried about meeting Youtubers, you're a Youtuber for gods sake! You know that you shouldn't feel nervous meeting people because they're famous. You made a video on it! And you should not be nervous if you've technically already met them and are going to collab with them!"

Awkward, a fangirly mess, and not-so-ready for the world, you decide to do what you had always been afraid of. Meet your senpais. You know, and make collabs with them.

Crappy description, but who can write a good description? You know, aside from people who are good writers.

First couple chapters are shitty, but it gets better as you read. 

I also have no self confidence so expect a lot of 'sorry this was so bad'. Not attention seeking, just not enough self confidence.


Now read.

just half? damn i would appreciate the whole blog
                              and what do u mean THE video? ,>
i never make decent jokes (unless theyre blind jokes) so i can relate
Kateisnotonfire17 Kateisnotonfire17 5 days ago
Still waiting for the day I get the guts to tell my parents that I watch Dan and Phil and someday actually BUY TABINOF.
If they subscribed to me I would be in my bathtub crying for about 25 years
agent-18 agent-18 Jan 23
That moment when u scream so loud u almost have to go to the hospital to see if your okay
DangerousDragon0 DangerousDragon0 Dec 27, 2016
I would screw up so bad that everyone would unsubscribe from my channel*moment of pause* what am I saying I dont even have friends and I expect to have subscribers. Pfft. Probably because I dont post any videos yup thats the reason
                              2 minutes later
                              *has an existential crisis*