Naruto likes me more | KN

Naruto likes me more | KN

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「d a t t e b a y o」 By MadGravity7_ Completed

❝I'm deciding if I like you or Kakashi-sensei more.❞


The training of the rasen-shuriken started the whole fiasco. 

Who does Naruto like more?

  • kakanaru
  • yamanaru
Egg__salad Egg__salad May 30, 2017
YOU CANT JIST SAY THAT, NE!!ಠ_ಠ               (///▽///)
PafeAine PafeAine Jan 29
*spit early grey tea* DAMN NARU CHAN SINCE WHEN DID YOU BECOME SO BLUNT..........*whisper* pick kakashi bc he super hot for you ~
DaCuteNerd DaCuteNerd Feb 09
LittleSnowChild LittleSnowChild May 02, 2016
Kyaahaa, so happy that you mention me. (≧∇≦)this story will be so cute! Can't wait for the rival kakashi yamato moment (≧ω≦)