Panties & Prison - L.S

Panties & Prison - L.S

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Annonymus Larry Shipper By larryislouisxharry Updated 21 hours ago

Louis is wrongly accused of murder and is sentenced to five years in jail. He imagines lots of things will happen in prison; he doesn't expect to meet the love of his life.


Extended description:
Louis has been convicted of a crime that he didn't commit. He doesn't even know the person who he supposedly killed. He is sentenced to five years in jail and devastated. The small boy is as innocent as they come and wouldn't hurt a fly. He's just a 19-year-old who wears pink panties after all.

He is beaten and some men even sexually harass him this is until Harry appears.
Lou is being held against the wall by his neck when he hears deep voice speak,

'what's going on here?'

The male holding the caramel haired boy against the wall, immediatly drops him and spins around, all the men who have crowded around Louis also turn to look in the direction of the mystery voice. Lou doesn't look up, only slides to the ground and curls his knees to his chest. He feels exposed his jumpsuit has been torn off him, and he is left in his pink panties. He only looks up when he hears the mystery voice speak once again.

'I asked you a question.'

The man is tall, very tall maybe 6,4". The tall man is obviously a prisoner by his orange jumpsuit. Louis doesn't think he has seen him before, but he evidently holds power within the prison because the men who had abused him quickly shrink in on themselves in terror.

'N-nothing Ha-rry.'

The abusive inmate stutters. Harry takes a quick look down at the small boy on the floor; the innocent twink looks away in fear.

'you all better run before I start throwing punches.'

This threat from the curly haired man had the entire group running in fear, leaving only Harry to tend to the scared boy.

'Hey, princess.'

Harry says as he leans down. One glance at Louis' beautiful face and taller man knows that he has to protect and mark this boy as his.

Every single time he smile or just breath he stole my heart.
ishiplarry79 ishiplarry79 2 days ago
If you're guilty of murder don't you get more time in jail then five years?
ziamisbaecx ziamisbaecx Aug 28
I honestly love the fact that now we have a legit GIF for a Larry hug.
LauraNerdd2 LauraNerdd2 Sep 29
That made me crack. I was curious about the beginning and then the ending made me loud. That is so true though
His crime was that he stole a person's heart, the only crime he's ever committed mate.