Legions of Death

Legions of Death

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AxisIxas ♛ By AxisIxas Updated Jan 16

The Rulers of Death Book 2

Domino Thirteen. Became the monster youve never expected. 

The Rulers of Death who became gods and demons of their own kind. 

The gang who's always there for each other. 

Became the WORST rivals. 

For revenge, 
For power,
For love.

With new demons that will break and help them. Make them better or worsen the, 


"Whoever tries to. Will be in death for trying to"

"Youll be sorry for the heavens, Youll be praying with the angels. But youre just gonna end up dying without trying."

"Kill me. Thats what you wanted right? Kill me how I killed your heart. Kill me"

"Youve changed. You killed the angels inside you. The demons reigned. You let the demons inside you won the game."

"Gun down Or Bloodbath"

"One who seeks the power. End up between the war of the Legions. "

"The Death will be my Legion. My legion will be your Death"

"I have already dug the grave for you. Isnt it sweet of me?"

Axis Ixas ♛

MsStoneHeart15 MsStoneHeart15 May 06, 2016
Is it only me..? thinking that Wrath is really and still hot even thou he killed merciless and in gross way ..?? anyways awesome and Thanks for the UD..👍🏻👌🏻😁😂😍