Cheater Levi x reader x Eren

Cheater Levi x reader x Eren

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プリ モモ By PuriMomo Updated Aug 03, 2016

Levi is a cold man but when it comes to you, he's sweeter to you than anyone else. But lately, his "Sweetness" has turned into "Coldness". He's been as cold to you just like everyone else. His personality changes though when this certain girl named Petra Ral is around though...

Eren, the cute and sweet guy that has a bit of a temper has been your best friend ever since child hood. His looks and his personality is what a girl could die for. Yet you fell for the black haired french snow ball. (Haha get it, because Levi's cold... Ok sorry)

[Title cover made by - Purimomo / Me]

Reader chan is starting to get concerned on Levi's behavior until she finds out something that she never wanted to know.

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RaichuV RaichuV Dec 22, 2017
Idfk, a sweater that covers my hands and half of my thighs and some shorts with boots.
MariChat4LifeBrah MariChat4LifeBrah Oct 06, 2017
AnuallyDisturbed AnuallyDisturbed Sep 15, 2017
Bacon bacon pancakes 
                              Bacon bacon pancakes
                              Put the bacon in the pancakes 
                              And you got bacon pancakes
GoddessYin GoddessYin Sep 04, 2017
White dress shirt Black skirt baby blue bow tie basically my photo
PugsAndAnimeAreBae PugsAndAnimeAreBae Dec 08, 2017
I'm 5'2.... DAMNIT SO CLOSE!!! I'm coming for you Levi -_- *backs into the shadows*
Gladys0717 Gladys0717 Jul 21, 2017
How did he know I like ecstasy pills on my waffles???😂😂😂