Beautiful Colors

Beautiful Colors

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Dimitri By 4evrGay Completed

People who are born with extra abilities such as mind control, flying, super speed, super strength, among other things, usually find out they are different at a young age. These kids are sent to a special school, a school that teaches them how to blend with humans and hide their power. This was not the case for 16 year old Todd Kinten. Todd is a late bloomer, his powers didn't surface until his sixteenth year and it flips his life upside down.

 Now he has to move away from his mom, and deal with a whole new world all on his own.

    BoyxBoyxBoy story, I had so much fun writing Fire's Sense of Humor that I decided to write another three way book. This time with MAGIC!!! WOOT, cuz who doesn't like magic? Really, who doesn't like it?

ElizabethHoward656 ElizabethHoward656 Nov 02, 2017
This is probably my fifth time reading this book, idk why I always come back to it.
JohnerZulueta JohnerZulueta May 09, 2016
Do i need to read Fire's Sense of Humor to understand this book? Or nah? 😐😐😦😦😞😞
sussanaxd sussanaxd Mar 02, 2016
I just can't get enough of this book and Fire's sense of humor! They have a good plot and Sam and Todd are just too snarky to leave them be. Oh and the .. other stuff.. is also good (;
KillMySempai KillMySempai Aug 08, 2016
Oh, this is bxbxb. I thought it was bxb. Sorry I'm out, it's interesting  story though
Tyler_Lockhart Tyler_Lockhart Jan 08, 2017
I LOVE magic so yeah. I especially love the books where the magic users or whatnot go to a special school to learn how to control their powers.
otaku_for_life12 otaku_for_life12 Jan 05, 2016
Fifth time reading this story!!!! I just can't seem to get enough!