My Lady. (Chat Noir x Reader)

My Lady. (Chat Noir x Reader)

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【tiya。】 By Taeyaniiee Completed

『I love you for who you are』

You are (y/n) (l/n). The president's daughter, a model in England and Adrien Agreste's childhood bestfriend. 

I have grown an addiction to this show and did I mention that I fell in love with Chat Noir a.k.a. Adrien Agreste? I love the show Miraculous ladybug and it has been my life now! And I know I'm not the only one (and Sam Smith comes in). Anyway please read this book because I swear this is going to be a hell of a book!

I do not own any of the characters that are is included in the TV show "Miraculous Ladybug". 

The book cover, title, some characters and storyboard are owned my myself. 

Please do not copy or steal the idea or you will be blocked. 

Thank you for your cooperation and please enjoy the contents of this story!

Have a nice day!

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No, because I’m not cute bitćh now shut the fùck up and don’t ask me again bìtćh, unless you wanted to turn SS3 and Kamehameha your aśs.
nianiamina nianiamina Apr 08
Peach colored sweatshirt
                              Ripped white jeans 
                              Peach and white converse
s4tansgirl s4tansgirl May 19
that made me yell “BOY!” because i can imagine him doing that
1 minuet shower... IT TAKES ME 20-30 MINUETS TO TAKE A SHOWER!!
passvengers passvengers May 18
No please im not cute stop that it's disgusting-
                              Honestly .
I think the teacher secretly ships adrien and a I together... 🤔