My Lady. (Chat Noir x Reader)

My Lady. (Chat Noir x Reader)

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♡TAEHYUNG♡ By --Alien_Taehyung-- Completed

『I've been gone』『he was there』『He saved the world』『I was a hopeless girl』『he is liked』『I am not』『he's a hero』『but not like me』『he's brave』『He's everything that I'm not』

You are (y/n) (l/n). The president's daughter, a model in England and Adrien Agreste's childhood bestfriend. 

I have grown an addiction to this show and did I mention that I fell in love with Chat Noir a.k.a. Adrien Agreste? I love the show Miraculous ladybug and it has been my life now! And I know I'm not the only one (and Sam Smith comes in). Anyway please read this book because I swear this is going to be good.

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                              FOR YOUR FACE 
                              YOUR VOICE
                              YOUR CLOTHING
                              I'm so sorry, but not sorry at the same time
Lol its weird cuz hes a red head but a disappointment because my friend Natheanaël watches miraculous but isnt a red head😕😔😭
i love Miraculous same with my girl cousins its a new craze in familys (wwe all have wattpad too)
OMG XD my mom would kill me if I asked to say the night at a guys house
She must have been the kind of woman that puts oranges in your stockings on Christmas....hate those people.
Because I secretly ship you guys so hard it hurts, but that'd be creepy to say, so let's stick with no reason.