Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong (A Pinecest Fanficton)

Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong (A Pinecest Fanficton)

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Heyo, Pinecest shippers! Today I bring you a different one than my usual work. This fanfic is my very first smut fic, so if I get stuff wrong, be constructive with your criticism please. 

Credit to 10KWonders for the cover.

It wasn't boring 😂 I really was intrigued by this for some reason even tho we haven't gotten to the good part yet *eyebrow raise*
CailEgoDiaz CailEgoDiaz May 29
90% Of people freak out bout how they're related. It's kind of annoying.
tobyfawn tobyfawn Jul 04
Pinecest is finecest wow I remember when I used to write stuff in this code
As the camera slowly glides away from the scene,  into a more blurry pasture, you can hear the animalistic moaning sounds of Mabel and Dipper.
I'm so sorry, but I can't bring myself to read this. Pinecest disgusts me.
I hate pinecent but I was dared to read some pinecent fanfic and I decided to read yours cause you are awesome