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The Mindreading Sex God

The Mindreading Sex God

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Tourment7 By Tourment7 Updated Feb 02

Levi is on the bus or something, IDK, and sees a brunet, taller than him, more likely younger though, with tanned skin standing across from him, and leaving Levi in a giant state of Damn. The man scans the people near him vaguely, and Levi gets a glance at his eyes and Double Damn with golden sprinkles somebody drilled emeralds into that boys skull. The beautiful creature was just standing there,oozing sexiness without even trying. His eyes skid down to his waist, silently ordering the too-tight-to-be-legal jeans to slide lower. They did not. Now Levi may or may have been having some... inappropriate thoughts about his current neighbor...involving a bed... or a chair.. or a wall... or any other flat surface they could do it against. Suddenly jerked back to reality, when he realizes the boy is staring directly at him, eyes the size of trash can lids, a light blush from his neck to his ears. Levi quickly looks away, thoughts about reasons he could be blushing filling his mind, continuing his less than clean ideas. Looking back at the man a moment later to find him smirking at Levi, like he knew exactly what he was thinking. Levi was starting to wonder if he had popped a boner, he glances down... No, surprisingly not that ... Then how could-.... holy shit ,hold up..... 'If you're a mind reader, cough now.' and now Eren is coughing his lungs out, still smirking at Levi though, and Levi is so Fucked.

I don't own any characters unless I say otherwise.

I would pull out levi because once he sees my room. he's going straight to cleaning 😆😜
itwonthurtto_click itwonthurtto_click Dec 20, 2016
So funnyyy hahaha this is like me on the bus and im  so much in my head i start daydreaming....
I would pull out kuro from servamp.
                              why you ask?? well only for the fact that he's smoking hot AMD turns into a cat in sunlight. also he's lazy.. just like meee
Llama-Sama Llama-Sama Oct 22, 2016
I would pull out Naruto then make him watch the whole series from episode one with me.
I would pull our levi, because he's like me, short and sassy, cute (sexy af) and classy...also he cleans, and he seems fun, once you get to know him better.
I would pull out Levi cause he is one sexy beast. I would die for him.