Adrienette's Dark Turn

Adrienette's Dark Turn

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Pink Panda 🐼 By alexbluewolf Completed

Marinette Dupain-Cheng, also the masked heroine of Paris, has been crushing on Adrien Agreste since he first transferred to their school.

The mean girl of the school, Chloe Bourgeois, knowing this, decides to set up a nasty phone call for Marinette, successfully causing her to believe that Adrien is a jerk. Her prank goes further than she intended, making Adrien chase after Marinette hopelessly, unknowing of the reason behind her sudden hatred toward him.

Chloe begins to feel guilty when she sees that Marinette pushes away her friends, due to her sudden change in personality. Adrien, a boy she'd known since she was a child, is hurt by Marinette's burning hatred.

Will Chloe finally confess her prank to save Adrienette before it's too late?

Disclaimer: I don't claim credit to Miraculous Ladybug, Disney or any of the brands mentioned in this fanfiction. This work is purely fictional. Miraculous Ladybug belongs to ZAG Animations. 

Cover design by @Blanc_Cupid

Warning: I wrote this cringe-fest in the summer of 2016.

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XxPrincessAdreanaxX XxPrincessAdreanaxX Nov 21, 2017
This is about to get bad...
                              Well, judging by the description, anyway.
Adrienette_Nalu4Life Adrienette_Nalu4Life Dec 20, 2017
Make sure your looking in the mirror next time cause Mari isn't one
Adrienette_Nalu4Life Adrienette_Nalu4Life Dec 20, 2017
padoru padoru Dec 02, 2017
i tripped over a dam pillow trying to get up like 2 minutes ago
                              get on my level
XxPrincessAdreanaxX XxPrincessAdreanaxX Nov 21, 2017
He's literally given me asthma attacks - straight serious. Then again, so has Adrienette...
That reminds me of the Gorrilazila episode. Adrienette at the movies is canon.