Adrienette's Dark Turn

Adrienette's Dark Turn

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AGIG Miraculer By alexbluewolf Completed

Marinette has been crushing on Adrien since he first transferred to their school.

Chloe, knowing this, decides to set up a nasty phone call for Marinette, successfully causing her to believe that Adrien is a jerk.

Her prank goes further than she intended, making Adrien chase after Marinette hopelessly, unknowing of the reason behind her sudden hatred toward him.

Chloe begins to experience guilt as Chat Noir becomes Marinette's new best friend.

Will Chloe finally confess her prank to save Adrienette before it's too late?

Quick Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in Miraculous Ladybug. This is meant to be a fanfiction for the show.

Cover design by @Blanc_Cupid

Children. This is why you should run around screaming when you discover you have a crush.
leonardofan leonardofan Jun 21
Dude, butterflies are the villains weapons, ur completely fine
EmilyE03 EmilyE03 Jul 24
Lol saaammmme with my crush
                              Well not that I have one
                              That's crazy
                              STOP ACCUSING ME
At the last days of school I entered every class by tripping lmao
jececa_gh jececa_gh Aug 01
Yes then how the heck am i here?! *well i'm not THAT clumsy any more cuz i'm taking gymnastics* I dont think i fell from the sky! And can any one be born that dence to be a servant!😑 *BURNNN!! Fist bump with my self in victory*
On the first day of middle school, after my first class, we got up to leave and my foot caught a desk and I fell over and kneed myself in the nose then face-planted. Then in the second class when I tried to sit down I missed the chair. Your better than me, Mari.