the art of love & love me now || ziam au (boyxboy)

the art of love & love me now || ziam au (boyxboy)

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they call me honey By liamsmainchick Updated 6 days ago

The Art Of Love
somewhere between being flat mates, always eating take out, pointless fights, endless laughter, silent sadness and hidden feelings - zayn and liam end up being with the one they least expected.

Love Me Now
maybe this time somewhere between all the arguing, pushing each other away, the sort of dates, falling in love again, finding themselves, making new promises and realizing what home really is - the two ex-best friends and lovers will really end up with the one everybody expected them to. 

[topliam & bottomzayn bye]

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magicalzayn magicalzayn Feb 06
I'm going to read it all over again. That's how much I love your story😭
Everyone singing One dance but I'm over here singing All the Way up
MoonQueen119 MoonQueen119 Dec 22, 2016
gurl i am starting to love your books
                              you will be seeing me  often just sayn'
poczaps poczaps Dec 25, 2016
this exact song started playing as I began reading
Zayn because why do you have a big ass dick and it doesn't get used duh bottom zayn
Im going to read this all over again & comment on everything because i absolutely love this story