Charades (OHSHC x Reader)

Charades (OHSHC x Reader)

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weirdchild201 By weirdchild201 Updated Oct 06

Your just a regular "rich" student at ouran high school. You occasionally would go into music room 3 when the host club wasn't there and play the piano. Because hey, it's a music room, and why not? 

One day though after playing, being the lazy person you are, you fell asleep.

When you woke up, you found..... The host club?

Gotta read more to find out.

Dear YN,
                              Correction: a bipolar halfer, a demon king, a martial arts and a judo protégée, a cross dresser, and S/M twins that could very well end the world.
I'm a heavy sleeper. I could sleep through a concert. 
                              But then again, I sometimes wake up to a pillow falling off the bed.
I don't know why no one has left a comment so far this is actually good not alot of spelling errors 😁 you're good