Charades (OHSHC x Reader)

Charades (OHSHC x Reader)

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weirdchild201 By weirdchild201 Updated 4 days ago

Your just a regular "rich" student at ouran high school. You occasionally would go into music room 3 when the host club wasn't there and play the piano. Because hey, it's a music room, and why not? 

One day though after playing, being the lazy person you are, you fell asleep.

When you woke up, you found..... The host club?

Gotta read more to find out.

(WARNING love triangles (Pentagon's??) ahead)

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Nooo the cake is a lie it's better than pie but it's still a lie!! 😂
No! I am in love with piano-senpai! Get couch-senpai away from me!
natsukishizuka natsukishizuka 3 days ago
I actually prefer violin and singing... because I have no idea of how to play the piano...
Me. Literally me. No joke that's what i say every time a school dance comes up.
AyakaTheHumam AyakaTheHumam Jun 02, 2017
This is how I feel when I play my piano! You captured that feeling quite well!
Awwwwww! The cinnamon roll!
                              I love boys like this for some reason.