Caramel Kisses (BWHM)

Caramel Kisses (BWHM)

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DSforever22 By DSforever22 Updated Nov 06

Kiyah's life is perfectly normal and planned out.
1. Graduate high school
2. Go to college to become a writer.
3. Become a best selling author.

But what happens when one guy comes back to town and grabs her attention? Will her plans stay the same or will she risk it all to be with a troubled Hispanic boy?

Find out in: Caramel Kisses

#89 in Teen Fiction (9/24/16)

I'm sixteen and I sit on my dad's lap too 😌 I'm a big baby
PhiphiBabyy PhiphiBabyy Aug 31
Lmao my dad would push me off of him if I ever tried to sit on his lap
I just left a book because that name.....welp to bad I'm  still reading
I rather imagine my own luis..the one selected i dnt like.. 😂
_Nayaa__ _Nayaa__ Aug 21
Girl didn't they tell you he breaks the law? Isn't that a good enough reason? But hey, if you want a felon go for it.
😑😑 bruh you haven't even been here for an hour and you already becoming a man wh0re