My Possessive Gangleader #Wattys2016

My Possessive Gangleader #Wattys2016

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God is Real By The_Trainer_Girl12 Completed

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14 year old Jessemy Wilkins has a job at an early age trying to help provide for her family. When someone feared by everyone shows up at the café she's the one waiting them, but she has no idea who he is.

25 year old Vincent Gomez is the leader of the most feared gang, after having a run in with someone him and his gang decide to eat at the Café called Coffee Cave. When their waitress arrives Vincent is immediately intrigued by her

#1 in the age gap series

Nenerh1 Nenerh1 Apr 26
Well, it sounds interesting...I see Diego is the main character, cutie...can't wait for the next update! Great start...♡♡
Ya to me she's 19 because 14 is just asking for jail time for the gangster and just gross.
ReenRix ReenRix Oct 15
Favorite hobby is ... causing trouble,sleep,eat,reading,music,swimming and got into accident... well there is more but thats all the thing thats the toppest and favoritest.. if thats even a word .. hahahaaa...
MunchMaila MunchMaila Aug 08
You should know that an author never tells the reader what to feel about the book or characters or what they think about the book. 
                              If you don't want people to comment a certain way, don't publish books.
moonprincess1037 moonprincess1037 5 days ago
True makes me mad that they think the older then what they really are an wear clothes I would get my butt woped by my mama if she saw me where that out her house
So she just took the child home instead of going to the police with a lost child?!