Born of Water and Wealth (Percy Jackson and Young Justice)

Born of Water and Wealth (Percy Jackson and Young Justice)

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SamanthaPerry0 By SamanthaPerry0 Updated Dec 25, 2017

Percy Jackson is known by many people. The person who killed Medusa, the Hero of Olympus. Most of all, he was the guy who was known for sacrificing his life, so others could live. That's right, Percy Jackson son of Posiedon died during the Battle of Gaea (Gaia). Yet, his story doesn't end here. The gods had another plan, a plan so Percy Jackson could live. The only problem, it wouldn't be in their universe. The last time any of them ever saw him as Percy Jackson.

That day, Persephone was created. Daughter of the Light, clone of Batman, sister of Robin. This is the story of Persephone Wayne and her view of the new world she lives in. She has no idea what is about to happen and who she was.

THIS IS DARK(ish) and may contain scenes of Sadness
Percy Jackson is female (Persephone Wayne)
Robin/Percy (Brother/Sister)

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That_Badass_Ginger That_Badass_Ginger Aug 25, 2017
Hmmmm.... me thinks someone is tampering again *cough cough* the old hags of fate *cough*
FaeHunter FaeHunter Oct 29, 2016
Did they just kill Thalia's Pine? Why would they do that?! They just wasted a whole quest!!! The whole camp is vulnerable now!!!
                              Jk; I know you meant shroud.