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Victory of the hearts | Beck Oliver (watty awards 2017)

Victory of the hearts | Beck Oliver (watty awards 2017)

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kaitlyn By kaitykat40 Updated Feb 20

"Relax." Jade said laughing. "Cat, I'm not after you."

     "But-but you..." Cat trembled. 

     "I just got mad and threw my scissors. I'm not trying to hurt you." Jade explained. "I'm just wazzed off."

     "But I- Oh..." Cat said and stopped hiding behind Tori. 

     "What's got your nickers in a twist?" Robbie asked in a British accent.

     "I-" Jade stopped and stared at Robbie weirdly. "Beck just texted me saying that a really good friend of his is moving here from Canada and will be be auditioning to attend Hollywood Arts." She continued. 

     "Oh." Tori said. 

     "Cool." Andre added. 

     "No! Not cool." Jade replied. 

     "Well, why-" Tori asked. 

     "Look!"  Jade interrupted and showed them the picture Beck sent her. It was of Beck with his arm around his friend.

     "I don't see the problem with-" Andre started. 

     "Are you not seeing this? She's gorgeous!" Jade replied. 

     "Jade!" Tori groaned. "You have nothing to worry about. You and Beck have dating for four years."

     "And apparently he's been best friends with her for thirteen years." Jade replied. 

     "They've been friends" Tori said. 

     "Best." Jade interrupted. 

     "Best friends for thirteen years. But you and Beck have been dating for four." Tori continued. 

     "Well, whatever. I don't like her." Jade said. 

     "You've never even met the girl." Andre replied. 

     "Well, when I do, I still won't like her." Jade said. 

     "Come on, Jade. Maybe you'll end up liking her." Robbie said. 

     "Doubt it." Jade replied coldly. 

     "Just give her a chance." Robbie replied. 

     "One chance." Jade replied.

AllyiCarly AllyiCarly Jan 27
Okay wait wattys get published right? I would love to read a Victorious book