Snowglobes  ∆Gaster!Sans x Reader∆

Snowglobes ∆Gaster!Sans x Reader∆

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Can't Resist What's Bad By BoltsAndBones Updated Dec 12, 2016

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"Its a mad, mad, world out there, girlie. And your kind just makes it madder." 
 Everyone has a lock. Some people are lucky enough to find someone who holds the key. Opal's lock has been rusted and unused for years. But when a bipolar skeleton wipes away the dust and doesn't mind the rust on her edges, she can tell she's in for one hell of a ride. 
"That star looks like you." He said randomly, guiding your hand to see the star he was looking at. "How the hell is a star supposed to look like me?" You said, leaning your head on his shoulder. He ignored your sarcastic response and mumbled quietly to himself, "It's the brightest one of all."

NinjaSheep76 NinjaSheep76 Sep 11, 2016
Probably my weird àss backpack. Bc I look so badass just strolling down the street, with scars and wearing all black 'n' schist like that. But I have the backpack and they're like, WTF
Mugelbbub28 Mugelbbub28 Sep 17, 2016
Here I am just...rereading your story...don't mind me XD though this should tell you how good it is :)
Devilandsinner Devilandsinner Jul 27, 2016
I really don't judge
                              I had a Barbie bag pack a while ago
DaKawaiiPopato DaKawaiiPopato Oct 24, 2016
                              MY SOUL-
                              wait I don't have one of those..
                              too expensive
Neko_The_Cat Neko_The_Cat Jul 30, 2016
I can sometimes stare into the distance but I make sure I am not noticeable!
Devilandsinner Devilandsinner Jul 27, 2016
Well, now I feel bad
                              I have a bad habit to just stare at the people surrounding me when I'm bored