One Year - phan

One Year - phan

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There's no fun in happy endings By PartTimeStoryteller Completed

A lot can happen in a year. Relationships are made and broken, lives begin and come to an end, events occur that can change a life forever or make no difference whatsoever. Only one thing is certain; time will pass.

Phan (danisnotonfireXamazingphil) 

This is their story, from beginning to end. 

Warnings: homophobia and slurs.
[I wrote this fic back in 2011/12. If you're a phandom veteran, you'll know the things mentioned in the fic and understand the reason for writing the story I did. If not, I'll fill you in super quick: it was a time when a lot of people believed that Dan and Phil were in love, but were hiding it. There were many occasions where D+P would get angry at fans for talking about phan or digging up old stuff from the '2009 phan' era. This was my attempt at a theory for what might have caused this behaviour. I don't believe phan is real, but at the time of writing this the fic was kind of my 'if it's real then maybe it's something like this'. It was the first phanfic I ever wrote so don't be too mean lmao]

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