Daughter of Sans♥

Daughter of Sans♥

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In the year 200X,
Not much has changed. Humans still live on the surface, while monsters stay trapped underground. One day while walking, our favorite skeleton finds someone that will change everyone's small world forever.

May contain: Skeletons, Violence, Mentions of abuse. SMOL baby. Rated: Fluff and Angst.

Got some ideas from:  http://artisteiffel.deviantart.com/art/Dad-sans-604629970

{Thanks for da ideas!}

  • abuse
  • baby
  • chara
  • cursing
  • dad
  • dadsans
  • family
  • fluff
  • friendship
  • frisk
  • humor
  • mercy
  • papyrus
  • sans
  • skelefrisk
  • skeletons
  • soriel
  • toriel
  • undertale
  • undyne
KwirtyGames KwirtyGames Jun 26, 2017
This is adorable and I love it, really makes Sans seem like a Dad XD Nobody hurts a Dad's child without having to deal with literal he** on earth
no_you_are_not no_you_are_not Jul 16, 2017
                              I'M R E L A T E D TO FRISK??????!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheDepressedSans TheDepressedSans Jul 29, 2017
I think her dad is Gaster 100% so she half skeleton and half human,but she had a bad illness,so her health and life is at risk
                              Totally 😎😎🖒🖒👌👌💙💙💙💙
Blueheartgaming Blueheartgaming Dec 09, 2017
Wait how did he tell someone he was with sans all the time 😞😲😐
xItsMeee23 xItsMeee23 Aug 16, 2017
I guess you could say, her life was at F-risk!
                              Kill me...
HeyItsYaBitchKata HeyItsYaBitchKata Jun 17, 2017
                              I BELIVEEEEEEDDD
                              IIIIII CAN BRINGGG YOU BACKK TO MEEEEE