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Living Nightmare(K.T.H)

Living Nightmare(K.T.H)

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BTS_Is_Slayin By Jimin_is_slayin2837 Updated Apr 25

"What's the point in living when you are forced to be married to someone who is like the devil?"
Lee Dong Yi is the best friend of Min Seul Yi. Kim Taehyung was Seul Yi's boyfriend, they were gonna get married, but apparently, Seul Yi had disappeared. That night, Taehyung and Dong Yi drink together unexpectedly and they end up having a one night stand.
 The very next day, Taehyung's mother finds the two together in bed and she forces them to marry. By a matter of fact, even if Dong Yi and Taehyung had not slept together, they would've have been in a arranged marriage any ways because Dong Yi's family is in huge debt to Taehyung's family. 
After the two get married, Taehyung believes that Dong Yi had done everything just so he can steal everything away from Seul Yi because she was jealous of her, but no, he misunderstood her. But really, Dong Yi had no intentions whatsoever to steal anything from Seul Yi. Ever since Dong Yi and Taehyung got married, Taehyung treats Dong Yi very badly. One day, Dong Yi meets up with her guy best friend Yugyeom at a cafe. Taehyung sees the two and he suddenly felt jealous. 
He interrupts the two's conversation and he drags Dong Yi home. That night, he goes to a bar and he drinks away his problem, suddenly, he thinks, does he perhaps like Dong Yi now? When he gets back to his house where Dong Yi was, he thinks of several ways to punish Dong Yi for going out with a guy, but he suddenly thought of one specific way that he thought Dong Yi would've liked...

A/N: This is a continuation of "The devil like guy" Story between Dong Yi and Taehyung.

wifeofgaara wifeofgaara Apr 25
Scratches head* well...this isn't rape then
                              GIRL U BETTER LET THAT MAN TAKE U
wifeofgaara wifeofgaara Apr 26
Ok first I didn't know u can get drunk off beer second WERE THE LIQUOR AT BOO
-taesaurora -taesaurora Nov 20, 2016
I feel like this girl is yelling everytime she open her mouth
I feel a lot of feelings rising in me through my spine and up to my brain.
                              what is this? the V virus?
Rude in mean stripping is a respectable job they're just doing what they gotta do to survive not everybody born rich like you boo #triggered
taeyeonvevo taeyeonvevo May 16, 2016
Update eonnie^^ jsjbddnskkkkxx am bored i need to read something■_■