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A Stary Night Aaron X Reader {Book 1} ~COMPLETE~ [Editing Kinda/rewriting Kinda]

A Stary Night Aaron X Reader {Book 1} ~COMPLETE~ [Editing Kinda/rewriting Kinda]

11.8K Reads 105 Votes 3 Part Story
Anime_Obsessor By Major_Otaku_Girl Completed

"The stars look beautiful tonight..." (Y/n) mentioned, braking the silence.
  "Not as beautiful as you...." Aaron whispered, hoping the girl hadn't heard.
  "Hmm?" He hummed.
  "I love you..." She kissed his soft lips. He kissed back with passion. Though these two hadn't known their love was to exist for many years. Their love will continue on. 
  The two intertwined fingers, in the same place they'd confessed their love for one another. (Y/n) stood up, leaving his hand in the air. She walked away slowly, but soon stopped.
  "I just don't know you... You're different... Maybe we'll love in another world, just not this.

Marco is not an angle 
                              He's a god
                              Of freckles don't try to count them
Major_Otaku_Girl Major_Otaku_Girl Apr 25, 2016
Thanks but since it's Monday, I can't do it today, but maybe! I have lots of activities until seven PM! But thanks for liking it! And voting!
BlackWolf_Aarmau BlackWolf_Aarmau Sep 25, 2016
While saving me is nice. I would never call someone my hero... But I do like it so far
loveya_candy loveya_candy Oct 26, 2016
If it was jumin he would have a cat named Elizabeth the third (idk)
ArtisticLoveKM ArtisticLoveKM May 06, 2016
This just turned into Liv & Maddie very fast.. (I'm the only one that watches Disney Channel huh?)
Dimana2005 Dimana2005 Nov 15, 2016
When you actually had history today.and got out.and got a 5 or a B I don't know how it is for you