Matched (septiplier)

Matched (septiplier)

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Top o' the mornin' to yah! I'm Jack, I've been alone most of my life, my room mate just moved out and my house has never been quieter. 

I live in a quiet little town and I work down at a cafe ever since my YouTube channel failed. Also the area I live in, they discriminate and even kill those who are queer, dating is very risky for someone like me.

Syd, Aly, and Nat, my best friends, somehow convince me that I deserve someone to love and I should take the risk in finding someone. They come up with a crazy idea to get me on a dating site.

Boy after boy, none of them just seem to click with me. Each one is the same, i'm ready to give up. But then I go on one final date from a guy online by the name of Markimoo.

After meeting him, I don't think anything has been the same. It's a cliché thing to say, but it's true. He's the best risk I ever have taken.

Lolcakes333 Lolcakes333 Aug 13, 2016
It's like a what would have happened if Jack stopped YouTube
_Oh_hai_ _Oh_hai_ Aug 17, 2016
Oh my god I can't tell if it's a pun or not but either way I am very disappointed either way😂
Blu_Trash_DEATH Blu_Trash_DEATH Aug 17, 2016
                              I AM FREAZING MY TITS OFF WTF OMO
Kitten_Fighter Kitten_Fighter Dec 19, 2016
cnjnfĵjjdjcsdmokesmkcensesnkcsenkoekkesndekwnsne! Loving the story already!!!!!
phan_foreal phan_foreal Dec 20, 2016
Im more of a basketball person but i barely am at the same time but of i had yo choose.. b ball
phan_foreal phan_foreal Dec 20, 2016
Ok maybe heavy metals not your thing but alternative rock? Indie rock? 😑