Poisoned Fire

Poisoned Fire

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To protect Gray.... Natsu would do anything.

Including becoming a murderer. Someone is threatening Fairy Tail. And in order for everyone to remain safe, Natsu must obey whatever the enemy says. Fairy Tail has remained oblivious other than the fact the the fire mage's health and mental state have been worsening. 

Gray is extremely worried but there's nothing he can do unlesd he finds out what's going on. 

And he can't figure it out.

What will happen?

Is there no way for Natsu to be relieved of his burden without harming his family?

Without harming his lover?

Even so....Natsu would gladly sacrifice his life if it meant saving his ice mage.

- - May 09
Heheh, I remember reading part of this at church the other night.
Just saying but this may be a good time to call Cobra "Erik"!