Reader x Young Justice One Shots

Reader x Young Justice One Shots

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After becoming completely obsessed over Young Justice and getting this idea from others, I've decided to make my own series of Young Justice one shots.

In these one shots, you, the reader, will go through different scenarios with different guys from the team including Dick, Wally, Kaldur, Connor, Jamie, Roy, Garfield, Bart, Jason, Damian, Tim, L'gann (?), Shazam, Malcolm, or if you you want I take requests for girls.

•requests are open•
•credits to artist for cover•


StarFox02 StarFox02 Dec 31, 2016
Just a second ago u were ready to kiss him. Now u dont want to date him?
biidemi biidemi Aug 14, 2016
Kaldur'ahm wouid be nice, prefferably season two? But season one works as well!
Roseedia Roseedia Dec 31, 2016
Wait uh so half thw time he's been showing 90% of his face and you couldn't tell it was him?
I would like a request to smack the living daylights out of (y/n) with a little bittch on the side please.
Percy would've loved your eyes then....maybe eat them- I mean! Uhhh....what? No, you didn't hear that!
I'm legit in class trying not to laugh. Thank god you're allowed to have phones in some of my high school classes 😂😂😂