Reader x Young Justice One Shots

Reader x Young Justice One Shots

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isabella By BatMobidle Updated Nov 09

After becoming completely obsessed over Young Justice and getting this idea from others, I've decided to make my own series of Young Justice one shots.

In these one shots, you, the reader, will go through different scenarios with different guys from the team including Dick, Wally, Kaldur, Connor, Jamie, Roy, Garfield, Bart, Jason, Damian, Tim, L'gann (?), Shazam, Malcolm, or if you you want I take requests for girls.

•requests are open•
•credits to artist for cover•

Mine are green in the middle with a darker blue ring on the outside.
zelly2002 zelly2002 Oct 30
Dick how you feel u were rejected but they love you back  but they don't wanna be in a relationship with anyone yet 
                              U mad or nah
Fangirl-Reyna Fangirl-Reyna 2 days ago
I want you
                              To color me blue
                              Anything it takes to make you stay
                              I'M SO SORRY ROBIN
yj-of-dc yj-of-dc Aug 14
Kaldur'ahm wouid be nice, prefferably season two? But season one works as well!
Gold121221 Gold121221 Oct 04
Oh my gods. You do realize that your cover photo are the boys... Using the bathroom? >/////<
                              Totally not crash.