Reader x Young Justice One Shots

Reader x Young Justice One Shots

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After becoming completely obsessed over Young Justice and getting this idea from others, I've decided to make my own series of Young Justice one shots.

In these one shots, you, the reader, will go through different scenarios with different guys from the team including Dick, Wally, Kaldur, Connor, Jamie, Roy, Garfield, Bart, Jason, Damian, Tim, L'gann (?), Shazam, Malcolm, or if you you want I take requests for girls.

•requests are open•
•credits to artist for cover•


livy_gasnow livy_gasnow Jun 26
:breathes in deeply: ill say hi to Percy and the rest of the gang before I leave
moo_the_cat moo_the_cat Jul 19
That moment when the only languages you kinda speak are never included
I am way too dirty minded 
                              👉👌   damn you Grayson 😂😂😂😂
I'm neva eva gonna be ready for a relationship, even tho there's that one guys I like, love.
I ship it like fed ex.... and no it's not because it's ME getting shipped with dick... oh my god I'm lonely
When you think he's about to say i like you but instead says you're a great friend --->😐