The Salamander's Sister (Gray Fullbuster x Reader)

The Salamander's Sister (Gray Fullbuster x Reader)

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(Y/N) Dragneel is the younger and twin sister of Natsu Dragneel. 

Separated after deciding to search for Igneel, they lose track of each other and never see each other again.

Natsu joins in infamous guild Fairy Tail, while (Y/N) goes off by herself, traveling everywhere, searching for her brother. 

When she finds her brother and his friends, what will happen when she starts liking Natsu's best friend/enemy, Gray Fullbuster?

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Since when is that ever a good idea, especially considering our age
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Pink and brown...... I'm just gonna change that to pink and. Mint green
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I refuse to look like that I'm just going to pretend I have my pink and blue hair and normal blue hoodie with a white shirt underneath black skirt and tennis shoes am I exceed looks like happy but has pink heart on her for head...
                              Because I can
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You have no idea...
                              Well maybe I'm the dumb one... I mean, I did suggest that we split up in the first place...