Babysitter Or Seducer? {BxB}

Babysitter Or Seducer? {BxB}

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Elisandra By j-jastin Updated a day ago

Don't get me wrong, I am sixteen years old and most parents wont really mind leaving their child alone at this age, but my parents? Every single time they are away, I need a different babysitter because apparently, none of them can take care of me a second time. Not like I'm that bad.

I guess I gotta thank my parents for not leaving me with my grandparents though.

Every single babysitter was fine, until HE came alone. His cocky, perverted but hot self entered my house like he owned it. The worst thing? Justin Bieber wasn't just a one time babysitter.

Me, Jason McCann, is fucked.

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K_Ray13 K_Ray13 Jul 20
Oooo  I thought it was gonna be chance the rapper, but Jared is acceptable enough😍😭
ItzHelana ItzHelana Jul 31
If I try and shout at my mom or say 'woman' I'll get my booty whooped 🙄
Omg I thought the writing above said "African American" and I was wondering why no one was triggered when it was this picture lmaooo
If I would say smth like that my mom would throw a shoe at me