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Star Wars RP

Star Wars RP

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#HotKallus By FalconHeart_Seyvel Updated Jun 13, 2016

Here is a Star Wars Role play, again here are the rules
1. Keep it clean and positive
2. No overpowered characters
3. Do not kill the other characters, this applies to my, Warrior and Wolves RP

Hey can we start our rp over. I know that's quite a lot to start over but I don't remember much of it..
Name: IDX
                              Gender: male
                              Age: 22
                              Job: stormtrooper
                              Species: half human, half whatever species greedo is
                              Looks: white with a black skull on back
                              Backstory: unkown
Jericho Trycin
                              Rebel/Ghost Crew/Secret Jedi Knight
                              Force-Sensitive Human
                              He is brave and loyal, but he is also kind and caring.
                              He was raised by a moisture farmer on Tatioone.
xLadyIrenex xLadyIrenex Mar 26
Name: Irene
                              Gender. Female
                              Age: 20
                              Job: Jedi
                              Species: Is human and has white wings
                              Looks: like profile
                              Personally: Brave, helpful and is sweet and​ kind
                              Backstory: she was close friends with Yoda is helping both Jedi and is good friends with Padme, crush s Obi-Wan Kenobi
Piper_SWR Piper_SWR Feb 03
Depa Jarrus
                              Doesn't have a job
                              Brace, funny, loving, loyal, positive, bubbly and sweet.
                              lolling blonde curly hair, tan, black leather jacket, jeans, white top, boots.
                              Daughter of Kanan and Hera in Star war rebels!!!
Katylen Skywalker
                              Jedi Knight
                              Brave, caring, lovely, gentle and happy
                              Blue hair and blue eyes, here outfit is brown and white top with blue shorts and brown boots and her father Lightsaber blue
                              Daughter of Anakin and Padme Skywalker