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Phoenix Sage-Naruto Neglect

Phoenix Sage-Naruto Neglect

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getwow21 By getwow21 Updated May 31, 2016

Naruto Namikaze is a apart of triplets that were born on the day of the nine-tail attack. His father Minato Namikaze sealed the Ying and Yang halves into two of his children and survives. His siblings are seen as heroes and he is forgotten. Stumbling upon a realm, watch he trains alone and becomes the youngest ANBU member and gets acceptance from the older ANBU and creates his own family from within the ANBU.

The hyperbolic time chamber from DBZ is what I thought of. 😂
MissMurderz MissMurderz Jul 20, 2016
Menma and Mito, I applaud you for you creativity
                              But on a (kinda)serious and unsarcastic note, it's great so far
Ali-007 Ali-007 Jul 09, 2016
Wouldn't you want wings to come out of his back? Not his hands, because it seems like he would have arms and then the wings would connect to his wrists because of the way that you phrased that sentence.
1_STATIC_1 1_STATIC_1 Aug 29, 2016
I didn't realize I was making a face till my mom opened the door to tell me something stops and then gave me this look closed the door and walked away...
deathkitsune deathkitsune Apr 28, 2016
😻 Holy Mothet of Titans I love it please update soon like really soon!!!!
Now all that needs to happen is for kakashi and iruka to get married and adopt Naruto