Oh, The Kims (Kaisoo One Shots/Drabbles)

Oh, The Kims (Kaisoo One Shots/Drabbles)

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JJblueotter By JJblueotter Updated Jun 14, 2017

It all started out as a teacher and student relationship, feelings unsaid until thunder and lightning shook the boundaries and put them to the test. Four weeks later at Minseok and Jongdae's wedding was where their future was dealt out like a pack of cards. Two blue lines held what lied ahead of Do Kyungsoo and Kim Jongin, two blue lines that sealed them together and broke science. Do Kyungsoo was pregnant and with Kim Jongin's, his English teacher's, baby.

Nine months later and the baby was born. A beautiful baby boy, a splitting image of Jongin with Kyungsoo's lips, called Kim Taejoon. Sleepless nights ensued but smiles were always painted on Jongin and Kyungsoo's lips as they watched their baby boy grow. Fights happened, of course they did yet they always managed to overcome them. It was when Taejoon was eight months where the thing that ultimately tested them arose. That tested their relationship, tested their love but a few weeks later and everything was back to normal. When Taejoon was eleven months old, Kyungsoo and Jongin were married.

The Kim family, a family full of love and closeness but has their moments of distance. It is something Jongin and Kyungsoo take a lot of pride in. They did this, they created this and they will keep it like this. But children are made to test. So it is a good thing they only have one, right? Wrong, sometimes they wish they did.

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havehope123 havehope123 Dec 26, 2017
I used to babysit a kid who would take off their diaper and just poo on the floor...it was gross ,surprised I made it through one day
Killer_Bunny-10000 Killer_Bunny-10000 Jun 06, 2017
You know... You should totally write a TV show. I would watch it.. 🙈🙊
MinttyYoongs MinttyYoongs May 19, 2017
Im screeching because i know where this is from and its soooooo cute
wanxious wanxious Jun 02, 2017
I see Boy-version of Boo (from Monsters Inc.) for Taejoon. I mean the kid looks like Soo. Just remove the pigtails
exo_nescafe2001 exo_nescafe2001 May 29, 2016
Im crying for life fck.....im happy af.... help im drowning im tears
baekyeolkchan baekyeolkchan Feb 26, 2017
I hate babies/ kids they're disgusting but it's kaisoo so not complaining