Arrogance° Min Yoongi

Arrogance° Min Yoongi

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main vocal sanghyuk! By chentimental Completed

❝Where there's music there can be love.❞

   Ah Rin is an underground rapper going by the name Silver. If one word must be used to describe Silver, it's tough. She always speaks her mind and she's never afraid to say exactly what she means.

   As much as Rin loves being a rapper, it has its downsides. Few male rappers ever take her seriously, and people who do often wonder why a twenty-two-year-old girl isn't in college trying to further herself. Those who do recognize her talent will encourage her to join an entertainment company, but that's the worst comment of all, and she'll argue it for hours.

   One fateful day Rin is preparing for a music festival.  As she's up on stage, she sees a sorely familiar face in the crowd. He once went by Gloss, but he doesn't anymore. In fact, he's hardly the same person now than he was then. 

   And as much as Yoongi isn't Gloss, Rin isn't Silver either.

© chentimental 2017 | #2 of the bangtan series

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btslover_Assiya btslover_Assiya 4 days ago
This is surprisingly AMAZING I don't know many great writers since some ff writer's can be pretty bad but you are by far one of my favourites 
                              You are a legend
jiminiums jiminiums Mar 12, 2017
the more i read, the more i fall in love with your style of writing
IchHaltBye IchHaltBye Apr 16, 2017
I don't like it - I LOVE it! Seriously, I've been looking for a fanfiction like this for ages, and I've been through a lot of bad written fanfictions, and I'm surprised I couldn't find any mistakes here!
IchHaltBye IchHaltBye Apr 16, 2017
I already love your fanfiction, congratulations (that's rare)
ooohmybrien ooohmybrien Dec 04, 2017
Just found out about this book, think i'm gonna finish it in a sitting. Wish me luck hahaha
jiminiums jiminiums Mar 12, 2017
"with jung hoseok at my side" i, a lover of sope's friendship is soft