Special To Me ¦ Shokugeki No Souma ¦ Yukihira Souma X OC ¦

Special To Me ¦ Shokugeki No Souma ¦ Yukihira Souma X OC ¦

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♚ ʏumı ♚ By GalaxyStars29 Updated May 19

"Don't you get it? I chose you. I fucking chose you over everything else because you're special to me. I chose you, because I love you!"

A story where a girl, quiet and timid in the outside but actually happy and lovable in the inside, finds her one true love through hardships of her life.


Hirashima Ayano is seen as someone just ordinary, just like anybody else, just a normal teen. She isn't one to give up on something she truly loves doing, and that's why she was given a second chance to enter Totsuki Academy.

There, Ayano meets many people. People that challenges her to strive more and people that pushes her off the edge. These certain students pressure her to do her best in her cooking, and she comes out victorious because they were just being themselves.

Now that Ayano has a much more better reason to cook than just loving it, she knows that she can get through the school year. Somehow.


Published at: 04/30/16

Disclaimer: I DON'T own Shokugeki no Soma/Food wars! Tsukuda Yuuto owns the characters and the plot. Though the OC's are mine.

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StilesMartin355 StilesMartin355 Jul 05, 2017
When me and my siblings are watching anime I say a guy is hot she's says "but he's an anime character" I just look at her and laugh "so?"
CoFFeeBeaN28 CoFFeeBeaN28 May 05, 2016
Let me guess: Toketsuki gakuen? (i know the spelling is correct but it's around that name) o(^▽^)o