Moons Witch BWWM *Hiatus*

Moons Witch BWWM *Hiatus*

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*Kweenation* By LBKeen Updated Sep 19, 2017

"No wolf-kind should ever reject their mate given by the goddess Nefer. If done so, they shall be cursed to wander the earth, until they find the match truest to their heart once again."

Artemis had waited with baited breath for the day, she would go through the melding ceremony and find the one for her.  Someone who'd have been chosen by the goddess she respected and served. Only to be melded along with her sister, to the same man. 

In despair and with the wish to prevent a horrible future she makes the taboo decision to rejects her mate. 

Cast into the cold world in the form of child, she will live for many years, in hopes of finding her true heart. 

Join us, for this first "Rejection" story straight from LBKeen's imagination.

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MoKoMoKoMo MoKoMoKoMo Mar 27
'A girl who'd been like a sister.'
                              How you gonna love someone who is like a sister the same way you love the love of your life.
prvncessrose prvncessrose Aug 02, 2017
Thats where you need help my friend. She don't want those pity feelings from yoi
keke87645 keke87645 Nov 22, 2017
I'd rather just be mate less I'll just take care of myself I'm on her side
soulqween soulqween Sep 14, 2016
This nigga said sister lmaooo  this the reason she not with it !
prvncessrose prvncessrose Jun 01, 2016
Cause y'all stupid and only look what's on top. Never digging deep enough to see the truth.
Minnie_99 Minnie_99 May 08, 2016
I feel sorry for Artemis.  I wouldn't want to be second place to my sister either in something like this.