Always (A Drarry Fanfiction)

Always (A Drarry Fanfiction)

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Ellie Rose  (road to insanity) By redvelvetrocker Updated Jan 06

Most in the Wizarding World think that being The Boy Who Lived is full of glory, and excitement. They don't know that the one under the scar is more broken than they think.

So many people have died for 15 year old Harry Potter, and he doesn't want the horrible honor. He has formed depression because of everything that's happened to him, and doesn't want to tell anyone in fear of the wrong person finding out since Voldemort returned last year.

Meanwhile, his enemy Draco Malfoy has spent years getting on his father Lucius' good side. From age 4, he was abused by his father to become something he wasn't, and the scars left keep him in fear for his image every moment he's alive especially since The Dark Lord has returned.

Both boys have had their share of pain and trauma, but how will their inevitable romance be able to survive the Second Wizarding War? We say 'inevitable' because it's Drarry, come on.

Some scenes scribes from the original books, however All rights go to JK Rowling.

Warning: mentions of depression, abuse, bullying...

miaistrash miaistrash 3 days ago
Ok so how tf does a collaboration work bc I am thinking of doing one and I have no idea how to even
Lunar-Princess Lunar-Princess Apr 25, 2016
Oh my god!!! I love that fic so much!! I'm currently just finishing it, and it's so good!!!
redvelvetrocker redvelvetrocker Aug 26, 2016
*note* I just realised it would have been much easier to just look it up in the book, however I did not have to book at hand at the time as I had lended it to a friend