Fairy Tail X Reader

Fairy Tail X Reader

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BigJigglyPotato By Unknown_Potato25 Completed

I am bad at description. But all I need to say is that your a dragon slayer. What kind? read it. And your also something special. What is it? Well read it.

Please dont judge.

And another thing, have a great day.

ShippingAngel12 ShippingAngel12 4 days ago
Well this is when Gray comes in, and the Natsu accuses Gray if Stalking Y/N
                              And Gray tried to explain that he was just trying to watch out for Y/N
                              , and happy calls him a creepy perv. 
                              Oh, and he also says. 
                              "You looooove her."
-_Tulips_- -_Tulips_- an hour ago
Mira is like.... possibly me but a sister to me so....
                              THANK CHU MIRA-CHAN
Voice in your head, abusive father? This is already starting out great!
Fairy_Teen Fairy_Teen Jul 02
Well I mean, technically he is, yet he still isn't an S-class wizard. The manga only has like 6 chapters left before Hiro Mashima said he was ending it. I'm going to cry.
-_Tulips_- -_Tulips_- an hour ago
MeLUCY!!!! GOLD MY JEWELRY! * smacks the person so HARD where the ' sun don't shine ' * TAKE THAT YOU MOTHER@$ #%&$ @$%#&<">#&">@$%#&</a> STALKER
extreme_art extreme_art Jul 29
Me when i introduce my friend to my best friend😂😂😂😂