Disgrace (Kakashi x reader)

Disgrace (Kakashi x reader)

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Kona By Ultrakonachan16 Updated Oct 23

Hate from all even yourself 

Except him

You have known Kakashi from a very young age and he always listened to you and you listened to him too. You grew up around him he's always been there. You love him and he loves you.

Your more than friends but less than lovers...

Will it always be like this ?

And what about everyone else? Will they always hate you and not trust you?

Will you ever have your very own brother trust you?

Well let's find out

I cover my eyes like levi I'm them damn *starts drooling* s....e...x...y pictures
Love the pic! Kakashi has always kinda been the relaxed joker! And the sensei
Me: *randomly walks up to Sasuke and talks in shadiest possible voice (the 'hey kid do you want some candy' child molester type of voice)* "Hey little bro." Hehehe
Grey blue eyes.....hm.....you're an ass if you think that bad colors xp
me: I have bad memories with my brother
                              Kakashi: what do you mean?
                              me: my little brother almost drowned me and I was almost killed by my big brother because I didn't check dokken battle for a month
You FrUKers have a problem with hazel? I'm sooorrryy. *mutters bad words*