On My Own

On My Own

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daddy snatcher By princiipesssaa Updated Oct 20

Meek .

"Miracle wake up." I tapped her twice but she didn't budge. 

Walking into her bathroom I threw water on her "Daddy!!!" I held my laughter walking out her room. 

"Get ready so I can drop you off at school ." I heard shuffling. I shook my head checking my phone

where are you? ur late!

I'm coming .

I threw my pants on and shoes . Grabbing my ball Miracle was waiting at the step. I grabbed her hand rushing down the steps .

"Daddy I didn't eat yet." I grabbed my keys still rushing . "You'll eat at school baby ,We need to go ." she nodded 

Strapping her in the seat I ran to the driver side quickly pulling out the drive way .


"Ah ,late again Mr.Williams?" I fixed my glasses on my face as he chuckled.

"I'm sorry I was late bae I had to drop my daughter off at school and you know how that is ." I shook my head sitting down .

"Please stop calling me that. I'm happily married ." He shook his head . "No your not your happily going through a divorced ." I hit his chest .


PLOT TWIST. He ain't cho real pops. Yo momma met a guy named 'Meek' at a party her and your "dad" was at and her and Meek fu(ked and he came in her... later on that day yo "dad" came in her also, then.... Okay let's just Meek's your father. Ight? K. Toodles. Be good in school! 😘
😍 Oh wow.. You're finally admitting that we're married. I'm honored!
Shut up. You gave him the address so Apparently you promoting his "stupidness"
You see why can't hoes be more like that when a nigga say he taken......
Aw😍 but why is it pure daylight and she got on some bunny ears😭