Just You & Me (Justin B & Kylie J Fanfic)

Just You & Me (Justin B & Kylie J Fanfic)

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A famous 22 year old man with Fame, Money and can get any girl he wants, decides to stay at LA and start a new life.

A daughter who's mom is a mother of 5 others, decides to also get a house of her own at the age of 18, decides to get a house close to LA and suddenly starts having a rough life since the transformation of her father turning into a woman.

One day she finds out, her close friend Alfredo, is close friends with Justin Bieber and has to go pick him up at the airport so Kylie goes with him, Justin sees her and thinks shes beautiful, so he decides to get to know her better.

They both start to fall in love with each other but will other people get involve? 

Find out in Just You & Me a Fan Fiction of Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner.

Tbfh I know I'm gonna get some major Haye for this but Jackson was a flipping pervert.
True dat Kylie might have lip fillers here and there surgeries but DAmN SHE LOOKIN SPICE 🔥🔥💥⚡️