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Aditi Dankar By AditiDankar Updated Oct 02

Hey, there! :)

I'll begin with a question, actually two. The first one is:

How many of you have seen blogs and quotes and posters on feminism and read about campaigns and thought, "Oh! This is totally my thing!" and how many of you have cringed at the word thinking that it makes you inadequate or is utterly useless; and how many have of you have been completely ignorant and/or oblivious?

(You'll have to wait for the second question. ;))
Read on to find out! ;)

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Modern day feminism is unneeded, women now in 1st world countries have even more rights than men
MicroBytes MicroBytes Apr 26
A lovely balanced intro to what can be a sensitive topic. 
                              I very much appreciate your leaving it in the public domain, and your reasons for doing so. 
                              You give us much food for thought.
This book sounds very intriguing, i will enjoy learning more about this topic
i actually love the intro, it's like your challenging negative stereotypes of feminism
kwittycat kwittycat Oct 18
If I already have a preset opinion, based on facts and observation, am I allowed to criticize points that I find to be incorrect in this book
i am all ears to you.. i want to hear your ideology or rather read about it will be more appropriate and will always support it  to the fullest..!!  eagerly waiting..