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Aditi Dankar By AditiDankar Updated Oct 02, 2016

Hey, there! :)

I'll begin with a question, actually two. The first one is:

How many of you have seen blogs and quotes and posters on feminism and read about campaigns and thought, "Oh! This is totally my thing!" and how many of you have cringed at the word thinking that it makes you inadequate or is utterly useless; and how many have of you have been completely ignorant and/or oblivious?

(You'll have to wait for the second question. ;))
Read on to find out! ;)

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There are only 2 genders 
                              Women in first world countries aren't oppressed 
                              The only legit pronouns are he she and they 
                              Minorities CAN be racist 
                              Breasts are a sexual organ
TheBauta TheBauta Jul 18
"In politics, absurdity is not a handicap" ~ Napoleon Bonaparte
Idk why but the dedication brought a smile to my face. Me being an Indian girl I know the importance of feminism.
shoe0nhead shoe0nhead Jan 12
actually make the guy proud and dedicate something worthwhile bb
Kind of a rant to me, but that's none of my business. 🐸☕️
Grace-Susan Grace-Susan Jan 22
Can everyone back off? They haven't really said anything conversational and a lot of you are being ignorant and bitter. If you want to express your opinion, fine, but they're not going to pay you any attention if you're being extremely biased.