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Aditi Dankar By AditiDankar Updated Oct 02, 2016

Hey, there! :)

I'll begin with a question, actually two. The first one is:

How many of you have seen blogs and quotes and posters on feminism and read about campaigns and thought, "Oh! This is totally my thing!" and how many of you have cringed at the word thinking that it makes you inadequate or is utterly useless; and how many have of you have been completely ignorant and/or oblivious?

(You'll have to wait for the second question. ;))
Read on to find out! ;)

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ramenjjang ramenjjang Jan 13
though wouldn't this text be somewhat biased
                              not that I am against it but the view on the topic is clearly positive 
                              tbh I just came here for a second opinion 
                              idrk how to feel about feminism 
                              just checking both sides and seeing which one I like best
Awesomeanimeman Awesomeanimeman Aug 24, 2017
Me personally i'm not a feminist but i'm glad that you are trying to open feminism to other people , good job
I cringe a majority of the time when I hear feminism, I've never felt the word makes inadequate or utterly useless, but I can tell you were trying to make a pass at men who are against feminism.
localfatass localfatass Nov 23, 2017
i cringed BECAUSE i know more about feminist. i used to support it. not anymore
eldercraft eldercraft Jan 03
Well After i watched feminist ask men 36 question i really need this book
hornessy hornessy Feb 08
I agree with most aspects of feminism but some of the third wave is very problematic and ridiculous