Life Isn't Fair, Kiddo -Sans X Abused!reader-

Life Isn't Fair, Kiddo -Sans X Abused!reader-

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H I By RebelliousOwl Updated Dec 31, 2016

--Don't read if triggered--

It's been a year since the barrier was broken. Monsters live somewhat in peace with the humans. Some humans don't accept the monsters; and some monsters don't accept humans.

The human who let the monsters out is the monster's ambassador, well WAS the ambassador.

A talk of a new war was happening. If this war happens, everything will go into chaos. 

You escaped from your father, who was abusing you. You didn't want this war to happen, since your friends who took you in are monsters!

Well, what can you do about it? Life isn't fair, and you know that.

MissGalaxique MissGalaxique Sep 05, 2016
Yeeeaaaahh I'm tootoaaaly fiiine, I just got slammed against the wall, nooo biggie. (Note the obvious sarcasm)
Please tell my sans didn't change me😒 CAUSE THAT WOULD BE AWKWARD!!!!😱
Sans!!!! Ok I'm sick rn and I screeched sans' name and I just my cough so much worst 😂
I really want Bolt to be a labrador but I keep imagining him as a German sheperd
Ruea_Gaming Ruea_Gaming Nov 13, 2016
Oh... I thought the blue hoodie guy WAS Sans for a minute! Whew! Good this it wasnt!