My Guardian Angel

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Skiddles By Skiddles Updated 4 years ago
From the beginning of your existence God has given you a Guardian Angel to care for you, to watch over you and to help you, but not all Guardian Angels and an Angel yet, you're best friend may be your Guardian Angel, you never really know, or do you?
first off I love the pun in chapter won! I'm a sucker for puns :) also AWESOME STORY! i love chapter won ;)
wow! you have a really great idea! this is a really good story and you are really talented
This is an amazing first chapter! It captured me right away and I love that it is written in a boy's POV.
I like this however I do have a problem: 
                                    1. The description wasn't all that good.   
                                    Good grammar and punctuation 
                                    7/10 :)
Hey! this is really creative you have some run on sentences but it's okay that can be easily edited :)
Your first sentence was a little bit long... and why does the nurse automatically assume it's heart cancer? :/
                                    I like the story though!! Keep writing. ^.^