Gangleader girl

Gangleader girl

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"So you expect me to fall into your arms and poof the world is barfing up rainbows and sunshine." I ask in disbelief.

He nods and looks bored.

"Sorry my friend that's not how life works." I shrug and walked away.

"Brooklyn your mine, you never really did have a choice." He shrug carelessly.

"Maybe I do have a choice." I mumble.

Right then and there I knew my funeral was coming early.

I kneed the gang leader where the sun doesn't shine.

'God make sure I have white daisy at my funeral and a jar of everlasting Nutella as well.' I mentally prayed.


Starting all over again read from the top :)

I'm pretty sure over half the girl population has had that dream more than once. Sorry to everyone that loves him but I'm not really that interested.
Omg just fainted 😱😵 your actually talking to me and you read my book holy cow I'm crying 😭 I love ur books ❤️😍 @shawnmendes_magcon