The Alpha's Assassin

The Alpha's Assassin

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Jasper Green By typingwolf Updated Mar 19, 2018

Previously known as
 "Too Much Sass for the Alpha"
Jasper is the top spy and assassin of the supernatural council and she is a independent gear head. She has seen countless others try to resist the mate bond. She is determined to resist and stay that badass, tattooed  gear head she has been all of her life. Being a werewolf means you have a mate someone your destined to be with and she hates it.
When spying on a pack and searching for rogues and possible breaks in the supernatural law she gets discovers a male more importantly the alpha of alphas and the leader of the strongest pack of the whole entire world also he happens to be her mate.
    Roman is the most posesive alpha he is 23 and hasn't found his mate yet and is slowly descending into insanity he has broken multiple of supernatural worlds laws to find his mate. He has visited all of the packs in the world and has yet to find his mate. 
When she is taken will she give in.....

Fat chance....

It sucks I know the book is better.......

At least I hope it is

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