Eight Mortal Secrets [Hetalia Drabbles] (Completed, to be Edited)

Eight Mortal Secrets [Hetalia Drabbles] (Completed, to be Edited)

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Shelby L. Jones By WinterRaptor Updated Jul 28, 2017

Eight mortal secrets: Annalise, Dreamz, Hope, Jenna, Sammi, Shelby, Taylor, and Thaovy

Seventeen immortal countries: Alfred (America), Antonio (Spain), Cooper (New Zealand), Feliciano (North Italy), Feliks (Poland), Francis (France), Gilbert (Prussia), Ivan (Russia), Kiku (Japan), Loung (Hong Kong), Lovino (South Italy), Ludwig (Germany), Jett (Australia), Juan (Mexico), Matthew (Canada), Sebastian (Seborga), and Yào (China)

Eight classified ships: Canadope, Japannalise, Jenexico, Prusseamz, Samina, Shelbmerica, Tafitaly, and Taymano

And a whole book full of adventures.

I don't not own any of the art in the covers. All credit goes to original artists. I also do not own any of the Hetalia character; all ownership of them goes to FUNimation.

Wattpaders in book:

- Annalise (AngelWingInspiration)
- Dreamz (Dreamzreader)
- Hope (hope_forever_18)
- Jenna (-Renaa-)
- Sammi (sammitheseal)
- Shelby (WinterRaptor)
- Taylor (Tayyphernalia)
- Thaovy (Ninja_Taffy_12)

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to be honest I love Russia so I wouldn't mind him telling stories or russian politics to me.... (^J^)~<3