With Heaven Above You, There's Hell Over Me (Kellic) - BoyxBoy

With Heaven Above You, There's Hell Over Me (Kellic) - BoyxBoy

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collidewiththemadnss By collidewiththemadnss Updated Nov 28

What happens when you're falling apart and your human punching bag is the only one who can save you from yourself?

Vic's life is slowly crumbling and Kellin's fell apart a long time ago. Can Kellin help Vic pick up the pieces before it's too late or will Vic crumble bringing Kellin down with him?

(Please DO NOT read if you're triggered easily)

Matty is always the bullied nerd and I really can't picture that
Everything Vic is doing resembles how a girl bullies another girl in those bad acting and overused plot line teen movies
thank god mike tried to stop vic if i was there i would have back hand slapped him so hard his eyes fell out his ass
I'm not going to name any names BUT, somebody sounds a little bit like a psychopath 🙄
making my way down hall, walking fast, faces pass and I'm school bound
it was his dad giving him a black eye...? I've cracked the code