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The Mixed Blood Sisters

The Mixed Blood Sisters

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Bumie Yamamori By murasaki_violet Updated Jun 12, 2016

The story goes like this: Hinata was marked WEAK by her own clan. She always looked up to a boy in her class, Naruto. She wanted to get to know him but was too shy to do so. She ended up watching him from afar.

Naruto is secretly a girl. Her real name is Naru and she knows everything about her birth parents. She puts an act to fool everyone. She's smarter than any Nara, sharper than any Inuzuka. Stronger than any clan in Konoha.  She always watched over Hinata, knowing that the Hyuga girl keep doing her best to make her own father, Hiashi Hyuuga, see her as his daughter.

After they both graduate the academy and put in different teams, Naruto decided to speak to Hinata privately and give her an offer.

Hinata accepted the offer and she knows she'll never regret it.


Mizuha-chan Mizuha-chan Oct 05, 2016
is she still gunna have ur kekkei genkai or is she gunna get a new or so sorta of hybrid one?
The2ndmaster The2ndmaster Nov 16, 2016
I Shikamaru Nara here by put a copyright on the words troublesome and drag.