No More Playing [Book 3]

No More Playing [Book 3]

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⚫Matea⚫ By MateaMichaelis Completed

》Yandere Jeff the Killer x Reader《
Book 3 in Jeff the killer x Reader series.


After a year and a half after returning back to your normal life, you again are found by the killer. He promised he will find you and so he did. 
The question is... What is he going to do with you now? Kill you? Torture you and make you die slow and painful death? Maybe make you watch him kill your family?
In any case, he is here for you. And he will make sure to break you for real this time before making his final move.


Book 1 - A New Toy To Play With 
Book 2 - A Teddy Bear To Sleep With 

Reading the first two book is recommended. X3

Hope you enjoy it!

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kiaprimonnom kiaprimonnom Aug 01, 2017
Oh wow good job mom i actually love cheese but you know its not like my feelings matter anyways
MoonTheDarkKiller MoonTheDarkKiller Aug 11, 2017
Well we know it wouldn't be mom or fam so it's him............*cough*lover Jeffy*cough*
-Unsane-Noctis- -Unsane-Noctis- 5 days ago
So my sister is named after me?
                              My name is Jennifer.
                              My mother ain’t creative with names😂😂😂Jk😂😂😂😂
666creepypastagirl 666creepypastagirl Aug 10, 2017
My mom is 46 but looks like 50. (Jk, she looks like she's 40)
Craftygamer Craftygamer Jul 08, 2017 I the only one who remembers the botten that we thew at Jeff and that we were going to give to are little sis
_LilyChan_ _LilyChan_ Apr 28, 2017
Guess who's back
                              Back again 
                              Bitch is back
                              Tell your friends