The Shy Nerd Fights?! (Editing)

The Shy Nerd Fights?! (Editing)

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"You're up in two more minutes" a deep voice booms through the door

"Okay" Troy replies for me. Only because I'm a girl and no one can find out about it. Even the staff members here

"You watching?" I ask as I tuck my hair in my hoodie

"Of course, who knows tonight might be the night you finally lose" Troy smirks making me roll my eyes. "Thanks for the encouragement, asshole" I smirk, shaking my head

"I'm just joking you faggot" he chuckles before slapping my ass "Now get out there you slow bitch"

Shuffling my way forward out of his reach, I stop behind the doors that would open in a few seconds, entering me to the craziness from the other side

"Ready BadBeauty?" Troy smirks grasping the handles of the doors


"You got it" I wink


During the day, she's known as Rosie, the quiet, sarcastic nerd...

...But by night, she's known as 'Bad Beauty' The girl, who's defeated every opponent shes ever faced in the fighting rink

Living without a mother figure or father figure, Rosie has to fend for herself and her older brother. But there's a twist...her older brother has no clue she fights at night for money. She leaves home unnoticed and comes back in the early morning unnoticed 

Until one day, that all changed. That all changed because of a group of people who she'd never thought she would get along with. Her brothers gang: Harry, David....And Jack

Join Rosie as she goes through many difficult and dangerous obstacles. This book also includes new friends, love, a memory loss and danger. Read to find out more

Okay well he's going to be in love with her and then there's going to be a love triangle I think.
NatthakarnV NatthakarnV Jul 01
But Zayn didn't, he ran 😭😭 I'm not over it ok? Don't judge
Wow, did you go in Lol nah, she went to
You are probably well known... just your name isn't well known...