Tied To The Mafia Boss

Tied To The Mafia Boss

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Travis Crux By Travis_Crux Completed

"Are you sure this was 'all' done by Rella?" Rico asked Carl his right hand, completely shocked by the state of the warehouse. 

"Positive Ric. That's what my subordinates  told." His right hand replied immediately to the boss's question.

He noticed the difficulty his friend faced in suppressing his outburst. 
The whole warehouse was in a devastated condition. Hell devastation was an understatement! Blood splashed on the floor and not the blood of any ordinary human. The blood of Marcus Castelli. Marcus was no ordinary man in Italy. Being the number one rival to Rico Montrell's empire both in business and in crime, it couldn't have been an amateur who killed him. It had to be a person experienced in the field. 

His dead body showed that he was brutally murdered. There was a hole in his neck through which blood was leaking. Knives plunged all over his body and to wrap it all up, he was shot too.
Rico Montrell who was the Master of Italy's crime scene couldn't have imagined that there was a murder committed of the man who had kidnapped his father and sister and the murderer was presumed to be a very unacceptable person, his own wife, Rella.

They had been married since two years but just because his father had put up a clause that he cannot take over the entire crime empire unless he is married. The marriage was more like an arrangement rather than out of love. Rico preferred to be married publicly and single personally. He continued with his bachelorhood, sleeping around, flirting, not at home for days. 

He had hardly known anything about his wife, his father had arranged the marriage and he had complied. Nothing more, nothing less. He thought his wife was just an ordinary woman who loved everything woman did but this murder forces him to reconsider his judgement. Will he be able to find out his wife's real identity? More importantly will he be able to gain his wife's love?

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Indurim Indurim Jul 26, 2017
@Travis_Crux  really awesome. ...it's not the regular cliché  mafia story...it so different. ...like it....keep up the good work
Had a true queen by his side this whole time, and he was too stupid to take the time to realize it! SMH
mirpcy74 mirpcy74 May 21
i dont know how many times iive read it but trust me it was a lot
jumble_mumble007 jumble_mumble007 Oct 14, 2017
I am loving it.. This book is amazing.. Aftet such a long time I have found a good book in Wattpad
jjwats23 jjwats23 Apr 30
She probably has purple eyes so when she went to kill him they wouldn't know her?
hajarafandi hajarafandi Jun 02, 2017
i find myself lucky if ive came upon a story well written like this.