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Memily ✌ By petewentzisdead Completed

Novaturient- desiring or seeking powerful change in one's life, behaviour, or situation


Tyler is removed from an abusive household and thrown into the supposedly protective hands of the American foster care system. His situation becomes more and more dire with every house he is moved to. That is, until one of the cops takes him in. He learns a lot about how to love from them, especially her brother, Josh. 

Trigger warnings for depression, abuse, domestic violence, rape, substance abuse, self harm, and human trafficking. Be safe. Stay alive, my loves.

falsepilotingparts falsepilotingparts Nov 28, 2016
a kid shouldnt have gone through so much pain to the point they can stand it
ephemeralbreaths ephemeralbreaths Dec 30, 2016
i read this like two weeks ago but rereading bc it's legit the best fic i've ever read
my sister's boyfriend had a cigarette put out on his hand a few years ago. right after he got stabbed with a pencil (all the way through his hand) on the exact same spot.
pudgyjoseph pudgyjoseph Jan 07
I'm just gonna read every book of yours cause you're such an amazing writer.
Whenever I see the numbers 10 and 4 I'm reminded of my birthday on October 4 so I freaked a little
falsepilotingparts falsepilotingparts Nov 28, 2016
why are people so cruel? what kind of experience do you have to go through that turns you this way? ive trouble understsnding how someone can be so mindless of sense.