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Novaturient- desiring or seeking powerful change in one's life, behaviour, or situation


For @innocenttyler 

Tyler is removed from an abusive household and thrown into the supposedly protective hands of the American foster care system. His situation becomes more and more dire with every house he is moved to. That is, until one of the cops takes him in. He learns a lot about how to love from them, especially her brother, Josh. 

***Trigger warnings for depression, abuse, domestic violence, rape, substance abuse, self harm, and human trafficking. Be safe. Stay alive, my loves.***

Cover by @my_chemical_joshler

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well sucks for them cause they're the ones that'll die from lung cancer :)))
WhaaaaAAaaat ThE fU cK. These little dumbåss walnuts need to stop. Leave Tyler ALONE
I'm currently talking to a boy, but I'm too scared to date him (but we're going to after soccer) and he told me he might love me, but I just kind of ignored it because with my childhood, I don't think I'll ever be capable of love and I feel so shitty knowing I can never give him what he deserves
spookyzack spookyzack Aug 26
Wait a minute. Ive read this before. Well i wanna read it again