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Taylor got no family left after his sister passed away after giving birth of Chester. His sister never told him who was Chester's father and he didn't bothered to find him. He was happy and contented with his life together with his nephew but things getting messy after he encountered Chester's real father, Xander, who had no idea that he already became a father six years ago.

Taylor don't want to hand over Chester and Xander understands him but his family insists to take full custody of the child. Xander feels bad about Taylor.

And when Xander knew that Taylor was a gay, Xander were thrown in the state of turmoil.

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Lol I saw lee Jong suk on the cover and I clicked 😂😂😂 anybody else
First Lee Jong Suk now Happy. You're gonna make me screech from fangirling 
                              (I like both of them)
HakitaSahime HakitaSahime Dec 04, 2016
At first I didn't notice the author of this wonderful book until I read 'fvck' and though of ezrabeth. What made it better was that I started reading this book the second I finished reading UNTOUCHABLE written by ezrabeth as well! It was an AMAZING story by the way XD (So sad it ended DX )
DarkShadowsMistress DarkShadowsMistress Dec 03, 2016
That's the worst thing that could ever happen to u you know living your life for ur children-_- just thinking of that scares the shlt out of me😖
Lescross Lescross Jan 16, 2017
You guys remember that scene in South Park: stick of truth where you have to fake a Canadian passport so you go to the photo place and the guy was a pedophile so you had to kill him and the real photographer just popped up from the corner nude
ThatOneChickThough ThatOneChickThough Jan 03, 2017
Oh! He's from that movie "10 year contract", right? Yes to familiar faces